from field
to fork

Sweden is already considered to have one of the world’s most sustainable agriculture industries. But many challenges still lie ahead, and here at Lantmännen we have even greater ambitions. We have a unique opportunity to make a positive difference, as we have operations throughout the value chain from field to fork.

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Food innovation and health

Lantmännen is researching the food of tomorrow – new and exciting crops that we hope to be able to grow here in Swedish fields. And functional foods with the food’s own healthy properties in focus.

Climate-efficient agriculture

Through the Paris Agreement we have a clear focus on tackling climate change and moving towards a fossil-free agriculture by 2050. In Sweden, we have an even more ambitious target of zero net emissions by 2045. And we are on our way to achieving this goal.

Smart protein sources

We are developing new crops that are rich in plant proteins and feed concepts for sustainable future livestock production.

Biodiversity & ecosystem services

We contribute to a positive development of biodiversity and promote important ecosystem services in Swedish agriculture. Developing agriculture in harmony with nature and wildlife is important for a well-functioning environment where crops can thrive.

Innovative cultivation methods

Sustainable cultivation methods are about making use of the best elements of different production methods and new technology, taking into account local growing conditions and challenges.

Circular bioflows

To minimise waste, we create circular flows from field to fork and back into the loop again. It is important for increasing resource efficiency in our production while reducing our impact on the climate and environment.