Hi Helena! How has your career journey looked like at Lantmännen?

I started as a trainee within our Graduate Trainee program, in which you get to explore the group's various operations for 15 months. Among other things, I worked with our group strategy and synchronized the development of the Climate & Nature cultivation program with colleagues through the entire value chain. This has given me a good understanding of our organization and way of working.

I then moved to Germany and managed projects at Swecon's sales and service organization, where I built on my professional network within the group, which is still very useful today. Back in Sweden again, I was a project manager in business development before I started as Sustainability Manager, which is my current role.

Tell us more about your role as Sustainability Manager at Swecon.
I set the strategic agenda, follow up, engage employees in our initiatives and educate them and the management team on how to work to reduce our carbon footprint. It also includes calculating the whole value chain, from production of the machines to their use. I have close collaborations both externally but also with other sustainability managers at Lantmännen to share experiences.

Working at Lantmännen and Swecon means collaboration across sectors, constant development, freedom and trust.

What is the most fun about your job?
That there's so much variation. I get to think strategically, calculate and work with the implementation of e.g. charging stations. I get the opportunity to collaborate with many colleagues within Swecon and support in driving improvement projects.

What were your previous career dreams?
After university, I wanted to work with air or food and discovered Lantmännen's Graduate Trainee program and set my aim at the Food sector. During the program, you have the opportunity to go outside your comfort zone and try completely new sectors, and I ended up at Swecon. Once there, I experienced such a nice culture and good leadership, that I applied for a position there after the trainee program.

Which of Lantmännen's products is your favourite?
Finncrisp neutral. Spread on peanut butter, drizzle some honey, top with flake salt and you have a super tasty snack! Works perfectly on mountain hikes.