Bowel health

A large part of our immune system is found in our intestines, which are home to 100,000 billion bacteria. How well your intestines feel can affect your health in general. Dietary fibre or fibre is important for the function of your digestive system. Anyone who has problems with constipation should eat plenty of fibre and drink water.

Research shows that carbohydrate rich food containing dietary fibre not only increases the amount of bacteria but also the variety of bacteria, which are beneficial for our bowel health and digestion. Rye, barley, wheat and oat fibre are good for the stomach as they increase bowel flow which in turn is good for intestinal health.

If you start eating more dietary fibre, you will also help your stomach become more used to it. Initially, you can feel a bit more gassy from new types of bacteria, but this usually passes soon. As our intestines contain such an incredibly large number of bacteria, they are probably involved in many biological processes in our body.

For example, many signs indicate that the molecules the bacteria create after eating dietary fibre are beneficial for our body cells. When the bacteria that are good for our intestines multiply, this reduces the space available in our intestines for bacteria that can have adverse effects on intestinal health.
Which is why it is important to feed your intestines with good food.