Lantmännen is a cooperative owned and governed by 18,000 Swedish farmers. Members around the country are either connected to Lantmännen directly or members of one of the 22 local associations.

The Lantmännen model

Our assignment is to contribute to the profitability of our owner’s farms. Our model creates long-term returns for the farmers. The profit goes back to their farming businesses, money that can be reinvested on the farm, as well as being invested in research and development. This way we make farming thrive, as well as contributing to a living countryside.

The concept of economic association means that each member has one vote at the district meetings that they are called to each year. The association's activities are governed by the by-laws that are decided by the members, as well as Swedish association legislation.

Activities in the districts

The districts have activities all year around, often in collaboration with the Agriculture Sector and the Machinery Sector. As a member and customer you are always welcome to participate in the activities. 

“Lantmännen is a gold nugget that we have to take extra care of”

The Grodden Scholarship

The aim of Lantmännen's agriculture scholarship, the Grodden scholarship, is to recognize outstanding agricultural entrepreneurs who are involved in the leading development of the industry. Creative entrepreneurs who develop their business are important as positive role models in agriculture meaning they are also important to Lantmännen.

The scholars are for example invited to a seminar in connection with the Annual General Meeting, where they get to meet the President and Chairman, as well as share experiences with each other.