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As a Northern European leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products, Lantmännen plays a major role in the transformation of the food systems towards a low-carbon sustainable food and bioenergy system. Our aim is to be a pioneer in fossil-free food chain and to make a substantial contribution to national and global goals for climate mitigation.

Lantmännen aims to mobilize debt capital to promote the transition towards a low-carbon and environmentally sustainable society.

Eva Gotthardsson, Director Group Risk Management and Treasury

A Framework for a Greener Financing

In April 2021 Lantmännen launched its first framework for green financing, and in March 2024 an updated Green Bond Framework was published. The updated Green Bond Framework is aligned with the latest market standard and seeks to increase the transparency of Lantmännen’s sustainability work in relation to green bonds for both investors and other stakeholders. Issuing green bonds enables Lantmännen to invest in sustainable projects to fulfil the climate strategy, and support a sustainable primary production with increased yields and climate neutrality by 2050.

The Green Bond Framework defines the investments eligible for financing by green bonds issued by Lantmännen. Lantmännen has worked together with Danske Bank to develop the Framework and S&P Global has provided a second party opinion. Both documents are publicly available here at our website, together with the yearly Green Bond reports.

Green Bond Framework 2024


Eva Gotthardsson

Director Group Risk Management and Treasury

Michael Sigsfors

Executive Vice President & CFO Lantmännen Group

Hired: 2008
Education: M.Sc. (Business Administration)

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