Origin and transparency are important issues for Lantmännen. As far as possible, we use Swedish grain in our products for the Swedish market and to a higher extent also Swedish beans. 

For our ready meals, we always use Swedish meat and poultry. Our aim is to label the primary ingredients' origin on our products, for example on wheat flour, oat flakes and pancakes, on our beans from Öland and the pasta from Gotland. We have a well-developed program for quality and food safety with several control and check up point throughout the production.

We continue to work on our product assortment to increase use of Swedish raw materials, for example Swedish beans in GoGreen products, and to highlight origin and other added values in labelling in a transparent way. It is important to clarify the origin of the food, but just as important to have a broad sustainability perspective, for example how the product is produced. There are several important factors for a sustainable food production and consumption.

Lantmännen use our green sprout as a guarantor on our food packaging. The green sprout stands for a responsibly produced food, food that we produce in a sustainable way, from field to fork. Our Lantmännen-brand and products stand for quality and trust throughout the value chain. Our operations aim to create long-term value for our owners, Swedish farmers, which in practice means a dividend, distributed to the farmers to invest in the farming of tomorrow in Sweden.