SEK 25 million for research

Each year, the Foundation awards funding of up to SEK 25 million for different research projects. These investments aim to develop ideas and support the generation of knowledge that can add value throughout the chain from field to fork.

The Foundation has three focus areas: Agriculture & machinery, Bioenergy & green materials, and Food & packaging. The aim within these areas is to:

  • Increase production in agriculture while minimising negative environmental impact. 
  • Contribute to the development of a bio-based society by leveraging the potential inherent in agriculture.
  • Develop profitable and sustainable food from grain and other plant-based raw materials.

Research findings should contribute to knowledge to be implemented within Lantmännen businesses or on our owners’ farms.

The open call

The Foundation has one open call annually. The application period runs during September and decisions about funding are given in December. Information on how to apply for funding, reporting and assessing applications is available at the Foundation portal.


Three focus areas

Read about the type of projects we are looking for in the call texts under each focus area below. If you have a project idea that spans more than one focus area, you are welcome to contact us, and we will then help you choose the right area for your application.

Our review process and organisation

All grant applications received by the Lantmännen Research Foundation are reviewed by one of the three evaluator groups supporting the foundation. This review is followed by decision from the board of the foundation. Both the evaluator groups and the board are composed by three farmers, three scientific experts and three Lantmännen representatives. This composition serves the purpose ensure the farm benefit, scientific quality and business potential of each of the projects. 

More than 30 years of successful research

Approximately 30 years ago three research foundations were created: The SL-Foundation, The VL-Foundation and the Foundation Cerealia FoU.Today, the three research foundations have come together and are coordinated under the Lantmännen Research Foundation. 

The purpose of Lantmännens Research Foundation is to support scientific research and development of grain and other raw materials through agricultural plant breeding and processing, and by doing so, promote the utilization of these raw materials. 

Are you curious to learn more about the Lantmännen Research Foundation? Don't hesitate to contact one of us.

Helena Fredriksson

Head of Research

Pär-Johan Lööf

Agriculture and machinery

Annelie Moldin

Bioenergy and green materials

Food and packaging