Our purpose and aim

Lantmännen’s owners, i.e. Swedish farmers, have supported research through the Lantmännen Research Foundation for almost 40 years. These initiatives give rise to new ideas, information and insights which bring enhanced values to the entire chain from field to fork.

We have a long history of successful research projects which have resulted in product innovation, improved processes and a viable agricultural sector. Through the years we have participated in more than 500 research projects and studies,

Focus areas and strategic objectives

We support research within three focus areas: Agriculture and machinery, Food and health, and Bioenergy and green materials. The objectives are:

  • An agricultural sector in top class with increasing productivity and an aim to be climate neutral 2050.
  • Wholesome and sustainable foods based on grains and other plant-based commodities.
  • A biobased society in which the potentials from the agricultural sector are made use of/utilized.

Our organisation

All applications are assessed by one of three committees, one for each focus area. After the committees’ assessments the Board of Directors decides on funding. Both the Board and assessment committees are composed of farmers, Lantmännen staff and scientific experts. The composition of the groups ensures that the relevance for agriculture, the scientific quality and the business potential of projects are considered when applications are evaluated.