Dialogue for sustainable development

Dialogue and cooperation are needed in order to resolve common challenges for a sustainable development. Lantmännen is active and engages with other actors in the food sector, to drive in the right direction.

By participating in debate and engaging in active advocacy, Lantmännen can contribute to positive social development that promotes our businesses and strategies at the same time.

Lantmännen drives the dialogue in issues that are important to our business and social development, for example, where we want to increase our influence but are unable to move forward on our own. 

The key topics identified by stakeholders for Lantmännen to monitor or pursue are categorized in three areas, with sustainable development as the overall theme. Thriving farming, Green energy/Bio-economy and Responsibly Produced Food. All with sustainable development as the overall theme.

Dialogue on each issue is conducted with several players and through participation in forums and networks.

The Haga Initiative

Lantmännen is one of the members in The Haga Initiative. It is a network of companies that works to reduce carbon emissions from the business sector and highlight the climate issue by showing that ambitious climate strategies create business advantages and improve profitability. The Haga Initiative's vision is a profitable business sector without climate impact.

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