Responsible produced palm oil

To ensure responsible palm oil production, we only purchase RSPO-certified palm oil. We are also working to accelerate the transition to this responsible sourcing together with colleagues in the industry and interest groups.

Palm oil is used widely as an additive in the production of food and feed. Global demand for palm oil is increasing quickly. According to WWF, approximately 4.5 million people are dependent on palm oil for their survival in South East Asia. From a resource-efficient approach (with regard to use of land area and when the palms begin to bear fruit) palm oil is the most efficient crop, up to five times more than similar crops. From a global food supply perspective, it is therfore important to continue to use palm oil.

In several places throughout the world, oil palm plantations are expanding at the expense of rain forest and biological diversity, while also marginalizing the rights of indigenous populations. Other challenges that have to be met include the use of pesticides/herbicides that pollute the ground and water around the plantations.

Lantmännen use palm oil as an ingredient in food. Residue products from palm oil production (palm kernel expeller) are also used in feed.

100% RSPO certified palm oil since 2011

Our palm oil strategy is to ensure responsibly produced palm oil. Since 2011, we only buy RSPO certified palm oil. Certification according to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palmoil (RSPO) principles and criteria is the leading international initiative to transform into a responsibly produced palm oil.

We also act to accelerate a transformation together with industry colleagues and stakeholders. In the global survey conducted by WWF of how well companies take responsibility for the development of a more sustainable palm oil, Lantmännen got "green light".  

Next step: 100% traceable certified palm oil

Our goal is to buy physical traceable palm oil certified under RSPO  certification level " Segregated " for 100% of the volumes of our food products. 2019 we reached 98 %.

Continued dialogue is important to accelerate a transformation

For the residues from oil palm used in, among other things feed production, such as palm kernel expeller, the market for certified raw material not as well developed as for palm oil. In addition to work in our supply chain, we also engage in dialogue with the industry and various interest groups to ensure responsible management of these materials.

Learn more about our approach to palm oil in our food products.