To meet customer requirement for our food production, we use free range and barn eggs in our food products.

The Swedish egg production is an important part of Swedish agriculture and for Lantmännen. Sweden has very strict laws for animal protection and Swedish egg producers stand for a production with important added values, such as good animal welfare and good infection protection.

Lantmännen uses egg as raw material in many different products such as pancakes, pastry and baking mixers. Production of and origin of our eggs are not just an important issue for us, but also for our customers in the food industry. Lantmännen stands behind all Swedish egg producers with, according to law, a high quality production with good protection for animal welfare, but to meet customer and market requirements within food, we have started a gradual transition to eggs from free range hens and barn eggs* in our food products.

For a while, we have been using solely Swedish egg raw material from free range and barn eggs in our production of pancakes. Lantmännen’s bakery operations in Sweden are solely using free range and barn eggs.

* free range eggs and barn eggs are also called eggs from cage-free hens