The Lantmännen Research Foundation supports research with the aim of developing sustainable production systems. Within the focus area, we are looking for projects that utilise the potential in the entire agricultural process chain and that contribute to a bio-based society. Within Lantmännen, we primarily handle grains, but also other crops such as pulses and oilseed.

Bioenergy and biorefineries of the future

Energy and fuel components from environmentally smart and green sources are prioritised. Here, we are looking for renewable components that can replace fossil based components that are used today in e.g. alkylate petrol. It is important that these do not contain oxygen due to applicable technical standards. Our goal is to create a project portfolio with the long-term aim of developing both existing and new energy products, as well as using new raw materials and production processes. Lantmännen produces bioethanol, a renewable fuel that is refined from grains and other starch rich residues from the food industry. In order to take a step towards more advanced biofuels, we are looking for projects based on other agricultural commodities, such as grassland and hay.

Fossil free agriculture can reduced climate impact by around ten percent by 2050. Not only will electrification be required to achieve this, but also fossil free alternative fuels for agricultural machinery, preferably fuels that can be used in today’s diesel engines without modification. We are interested in research projects that focus on new fuel solutions using agriculture-based raw materials.

Green materials and biochemicals

Agricultural raw materials have big potential in the development of new green, fossil free materials and biochemicals, for packaging materials, binding agents, oils, fuel components etc. Side streams from the milling industry, such as wheat bran and oat husks, are examples of raw materials that are of interest to us. Other possible raw materials that are produced in our biorefineries include starch, gluten, various fibre fractions, draff, biogen CO2 and bioethanol.

Increased value in product streams and side streams

Grains, straw, beans, peas and rapeseed contain components such as starch, protein, fibre, hemicellulose, lignin, extractive substances etc., all of which offer potential to contribute to a bio-based society. Grassland, catch and intermediate crops are other important products that we would like to add value to. Research projects that focus on new application areas for increased value and further processing are of interest to us. We are also interested in projects that focus on the extraction and refinement of valuable components, such as via extraction, dewatering, modification, film formation etc. One key element here is to investigate purity and substitution and the possibility of scaling up and how the process affects the properties of the end products. If you have a project idea, we are open to discuss the choice of materials and processes before you submit your application.

Texts are continuously updated until the next call round opens on September 1st, 2021.


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Bioenergy and green materials
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