The Greenhouse is Lantmännen Groups program for Open Innovation. It is a platform where we invite colleagues, startups and members to co-create new solutions with us, through different activities and challenges. 

Why we do it? Because it's fun! And because no R&D department or organization alone can tackle the challenge of building the sustainable agriculture and food systems of the future. 

Program activities 

Are you a startup or entrepreneur?

We are always curious to explore new possible partnerships and collaborations. We look foward to sharing more information about how you can engage with us. 

- More info to come in Q2 2022 - 


Get in touch

The Greenhouse program is operated by the Lantmännen Group Functions R&D team. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or thoughts on how to engage and collaborate.

Nina Tuomikangas

Project Manager Innovation

Lantmännen R&D Group Functions

Veronica Ehrström Eklöf

Project Manager Innovation

Lantmännen R&D Group Functions