Examples of previous projects

Are you curious about previous Greenhouse projects? 

The Greenhouse have conducted 10 rounds since the start in 2014, and a total of 79 projects have been developed. Read more about previous projects here.

HUJ! – Vegan bean spread

Alice & Jonas, two entrepreneurs from Alingsås in Sweden, realized when they started to eat more green based food that there wasn't any good vegan spread on the market. They decided to create tomorrow's sandwich spread, and suddenly HUJ! was born. 

HUJ! participated in the Greenhouse Foodtech round in the autumn of 2018. After a successful participation and pitch to the dragons, Lantmännen decided to invest in the startup, and are now helping the company to scale up on the Swedish market!

Cgrain – Quality assessment of grain

One challange Lantmännen faces is the quality control of the grain. Quality defects such as foreign grain, weed seeds, broken and discolored kernels is important to detect. A lot of these analysis is done by trained lab personnel by hand. In order to help the staff a science project started to investigate further applications of image analysis in grain financed partly by Lantmännens R&D. 

The results were participating in the Greenhouse, and from this the company Cgrain was started. Cgain sells Cgrain Value, an analytical instrument developed to assess the quality of grain using single kernel analysis. Today the instrument is used by several grain companies and mills all around the world. Read more a www.cgrain.se.

Gluten free wheat starch

Lantmännen Reppe, a subsidiary of Lantmännen, process wheat into their main products - vital wheat gluten, vodka and ethanol for human consumption, dried and modified starch and feed raw materials. Reppe supply their products mainly to the food industry and the paper industry.

In 2017 Reppe wanted to investigate if they should start producing and selling gluten free wheat starch, a unique product with superior baking properties compared to other gluten free products. They participated in the Greenhouse and from the program decided to go for it. The product was launched during 2020.