Lantmännen Supplier Portal

On the following pages you will find documents and information regarding requirements for existing and potential suppliers to Lantmännen.

Lantmännen’s compliance follow up

The Supplier Code of Conduct is an integrated part of the purchase process. Our suppliers commit to comply with the Code of Conduct by having it attached as an appendix in our supplier agreements and it must be included as a contract clause when a new agreement is signed or when the conditions of the existing agreement is renegotiated.

Compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct is very important to Lantmännen’s business. Monitoring and follow up on compliance with the requirements in the Supplier Code of Conduct is performed through self assessment and third party audit. Lantmännen priorities suppliers or purchase categories with identified high risk or big potential for improvement.

Audits aim to contribute to improvement. If a deviation from the Supplier Code of Conduct is identified, a plan for corrective action is agreed upon. When all deviations are managed, the audit is closed. If improvements are not done within the agreed period of time, the business relationship could be ended.

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Below you can download Lantmännen's Supplier Code of Conduct in the languages available.