Ordering routines

Several of Lantmännen’s units use a procurement or requisition system (Palette Buyer) for indirect material and services.

PaL-Procurement at Lantmännen

Lantmännens Terms and Conditions

  • If Lantmännen has taken the decision to enable the placement of orders to you through the procurement system, our purchase support will contact you to obtain necessary contact and article information.
  • For you as supplier, the system means no costs and there is no need for system access or installation from your side (exception is if you wish an EDI-connection, see below).
  • The procurement system will send mail to you with a purchase order in pdf-format. The purchase order is a so called PaL-number, e.g. PAL1234567 (PaL stands for“Procurement at Lantmännen”). See example-order.
  • The PaL-number is crucial as invoice reference in order to enable a correct and smooth match.
  • We want to secure that the pdf-order contains all information that you need in order to handle the order. If you miss relevant information, we can easily adapt the form. In case you e.g. need specific information on the order (e.g. article number or a tag if it is “Service” or “Reparation”, contact purchase support  and we can change the order form so that you will get the right information).
  • Purchase orders will be sent from the mail adress noreply.palette@lantmannen.com – please secure that the orders do not end up in your spam filter.
  • You cannot send order or delivery confirmation via the system. Send these mails directly to the customer (address on the pdf-order)
  • In case you wish to have an EDI-connection or e-Invoice, contact Purchase support.  

NOTE: This information is only regarding indirect material and services. For direct material, local systems are used.