Press Contacts

Lantmännen Press Office

Only for journalists:  +46 10 556 88 00


Noah Sallmander

Head of Media Relations

Jesper Broberg

Head of Owner Relations

Alarik Sandrup

Director Public and Regulatory Affairs

Agriculture Sector

Therese Pettersson

Communications Manager, Agriculture Sector

Mikael Jeppsson

Grain Manager

Johannes Åkerblom

Head of Crop Cultivation

Kristina Gustafsson

Feed Manager

Energy Sector

Fredrik Jönsson

Head of Lantmännen Biorefineries

Tobias Hermansson

HR Manager Lantmännen Biorefineries

Claes Alin

Managing Director Lantmännen Aspen

Daniel Andoff

Managing Director Scandbio

Food Sector

Emelie Bontesse de Filippis

Communication Manager, Cerealia

Tine Greve

Global Communications Director, Unibake International


Fredrik Rigö

Marketing Communications Manager, Swecon