Lantmännen produces good food that tastes good, gives you energy and a feeling of well-being and which is produced responsibly. What we eat is very closely linked to how we feel and our general state of health. More and more people are starting to care about what their food contains and what it can do to our bodies.

We invest in research and partnerships for healthy food.
For example, we are involved in a project in Denmark to persuade Danish consumers to eat more wholegrain. This initiative dates back to 2008 and unites health organisations, industry, commerce and public authorities in a partnership to promote wholegrain. Read more at and follow updates on their Facebook page Fuldkorn er guldkorn.

Our starting point

New research is continuously emerging on the connection between food and well-being and how you should eat to feel healthy. To help consumers, there are labels and advice based on long-term research and dietary recommendations. This is also the starting point for Lantmännen research. Here are a few examples:

The Swedish National Food Agency's Keyhole symbol indicate that the products contain less sugar and salt and more of the wholegrain and fibre that are beneficial to our health. You can read more about the Keyhole label at the Swedish National Food Administration.

The Nordic dietary recommendations, guidelines for good food habits recommended in Sweden, are another source of good advice. Read more about the Nordic dietary recommendations at the Swedish National Food Administration website. You can also find simple dietary advice for better health and well-being here.

Nordic raw materials can be combined in many different ways for a good and healthier diet. Research shows that a Nordic diet can be just as healthy for your heart as a Mediterranean diet. 

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