Sustainably produced food

Our green sprout on the packaging stands for responsibly produced food. Quality, food safety and traceability are important for our work to produce food in a sustainably way, from field to fork.

Ensure responsibilty in the supply chain

To ensure our responsibility in all parts of the value chain, we are very clear about expectations on our suppliers. We have requirements on quality, traceability, environmental responsibility and that products and materials are produced with good working conditions. Read more about the Supplier Code of Conduct.Raw materials cultivated or produced in regions, countries or with methods that could mean risk for environment or people are analyzed and risks are managed and followed up.  

For food, there are specific requirements on food safety and our own requirements covering origin, safety, sourcing risks, materials, ingredients, information about the product and health.

Our products must be safe for the users and consumers and we follow international standard for food safety. We have a well developed work with quality and food safety, with serveral control points throughout the production. All Lantmännen's food producing units are certified according to international standard for food safety and are audited by a third party.

All producs are traceable according to applicable law and standard in the sector. In the event of faults, we recall products that present a risk.

For constant improvement and to meet customers' and consumers' expectations on sustainable products, we continuously develop our processes, methods and products.

Read more about products origin, ecological and conventional farming, palm oil and other important issues.

Healthy food

Healthy food is important to many consumers and health is a strong trend in many countries. We know that good nutrition is a basis for health and have a high ambition for our products. We conduct leading-edge research in areas such as the health effects of eating habits, carbohydrates and fiber. We strive towards increased content of whole meal, less salt and sugar and decreased use of saturated fat. Some examples of the results of our work is beans from Sweden and bean pasta, vegetarian protein enriched ready-to-eat dishes, A Friendlier wheat and A Friendlier Rye – flour with a lower carbon footprint, increased range based on whole meal and more products for celiac intolerance. We also contribute to increased knowledge and consumer awareness by disseminating information about nutrition.