Together we take responsibility from field to fork. That is Lantmännen’s brand promise. Our customers and consumers should feel confident that we have the knowledge and control throughout our operations, and that we are doing everything we can to minimise negative impact on people, the environment and natural resources.

Healthy food from sustainable production 

What we eat has great influence on our health and the environment. With growing population and global environmental challenges, we need food habits for a healthier lifestyle and food that is cultivated and produced within the planet's boundaries. Read more about the challenges.

Lantmännen contributes to sustainable food production through farming, refinement and feed as well as production. Quality is a key part of our work. Read more about Quality- and sustainability work.

Farming is the first important step, read more about Sustainable cultivation. We also want to contribute to a more sustainable food consumption through development of products and ranges and to increased knowledge and consumer awareness by disseminating information about nutrition, health, wellbeing and the environment in different ways.


Our work to take responsibility from field to fork contributes to sustainable food production. There are three major challenges to address here, which are common to the supply of food all over the world.

Climate impact

Food production accounts for a large proportion of climate impact. To make sure we are still able to have productive agriculture in the future, we need to reduce our climate impact, especially in farming, but also in processing and transport.

Limited resources

Nearly 9 billion people and still only one planet. To produce good food for everyone, we need to be as efficient as possible, make smart use of resources and minimize waste. At all stages from field to fork.

Eating habits

What we eat and how we eat are important. Both for our health and for the environment. A better understanding and more informed choices are needed in order to promote a lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable. In other words, eating habits that makes us feel good and which the Earth can support.

Our brands

Below you will find some of our food brands on the Swedish market.