Let's find your thing!

Joining the Lantmännen Graduate Trainee program, you will get a unique opportunity to explore our broad and international business across various sectors and functions. During the program you will try out four different positions and find what really sparks you.

The next Graduate Trainee Program will start end of August 2024 and the application will open in Q4 2023.

Stretch your mind

We grow by always challenging each other and finding different approaches. Share your ideas with colleagues to develop, explore and to discover your potential. Together, we find new ways to reimagine the world of grain!

Go full circle

Everything we do is connected. And we are passionate about the opportunities to work together to find new solutions and to grow our sustainable business. Here, you can make an impact and influence our road ahead.

Make your mark

With businesses all over the globe and throughout the entire value chain, you can expand your network, discover new perspectives and find your special place in our broad group - from field to fork.

About the program

As a trainee at Lantmännen you are offered a unique start to your career where you will be a part of a dynamic and global Group with a vision for growth - in both existing and new markets. 

As a Graduate Trainee in our 15-month program, you will join one of our sectors that will be your home turf and where you will do two out of four assignments, but also join two other teams in other sectors to broaden your experience.


The program consists of four assignments, of which you spend two in your home sector in accordance with the chosen sector track. The other two assignments you spend in other sectors, business areas and functions.

Projects and positions vary – aiming to widen your knowledge, competencies and experiences from our broad business. Our aim is also that at least one of the positions will have an international focus or be abroad.

Trainings are held in parallel with assignments, to provide a good platform and tools in important areas such as leadership, personal development, and strategic business thinking.

There will also be three gatherings, called Pulses, where you will do study visits to further explore our business, share your experiences and learnings with the other Graduate Trainees, reflect and recharge.

The Gradute Trainee Program also includes a Strategic Group Assignment, which focuses on specific areas regarding Lantmännen’s future development. These strategic projects are often initiated directly by the Group Management team.

The program will also allow you to grow your network with skilled colleagues. It’s a chance to make a real impact, both in our Group – but also on society and peoples’ everyday lives.


Karriärföretagen's student network consists of active students at Sweden's universities and colleges. The network members have selected the three trainee programs they feel are the most attractive, and here Lantmännen's Graduate Trainee Program has been voted as Sweden's 4th most attractive trainee program 2023 among engineers.

If you wanna learn more about our Graduate Trainee Program, you will find more information here.

Sector tracks

In order to qualify, you need a Bachelor or Master degree with a maximum of three years’ of post-academic work experience, preferably with a specialization in Business, Engineering or Agriculture.

The 2022–2023 Graduate Trainee Program comprises nine different sector tracks, each with a home location and below you can read more about each sector track. 

Agriculture sector, Malmö - agroeconomic track

For this track we looked for a graduate with agricultural and business competencies as well as Swedish and English language skills. The focus of this track is on our overall agricultural business and on different areas such as the grain market, plant breeding, feed business et cetera.

Agriculture sector, Malmö - finance and/or supply track

The qualifications sought for his track in the agriculture sector was studies within e.g. industrial engineering with finance, logistics and/or supply chain as specialisation. Topics focusing on are e.g. flows of spare parts and grain.

Energy sector, Aspen, Hindås/Gothenburg - commercial & business track

The Graduate Trainee at Lantmännen Aspen in the energy sector is looking deeper into sustainability, value streams, process development and project management. 

Energy sector, Biorefineries, Norrköping - operations engineering track

To the energy sector and Lantmännen BioRefineries, we seeked for an industrial engineering or engineering graduate that is interested in exploring operations and product engineering on a deeper level. 

Food sector, Cerealia, Stockholm - finance track

To the food sector and Lantmännen Cerealia, with brands such as AXA and Kungsörnen within the portfolio, we welcomed a candidate whom has dived deeper into controlling, finance and accounting.

Food sector, Cerealia, Helsinki - operations track

Lantmännen Cerealia in Finland working with brand such as GoGreen, AXA and Koulunäkki, and here we were joined by a candidate with a food science background that has been focusing on our operations. 

Group Functions, Stockholm - finance track

For Lantmännen Group Finance we looked for a graduate trainee with a finance or economics background to engage in topics such as controlling, risk management et cetera.

Group Functions, Malmö/Stockholm - IT Project management track

Within this track, the Graduate Trainee is driving projects and working with digitalisation within Lantmännen Group IT.

Swecon, Ratingen/Düsseldorf - commercial & operations track

The focus for this sector track is on Swecons journey within future solutions and digitalisation of e.g. process optimization and commercial applications to further grow our business. 

Meet some of our former trainees

Linnea, Mikkel, Robert and Sofia share their experiences from being part of the Graduate Trainee Program.

How I went full circle

Since joining the Graduate Trainee Program, Linnea has contributed to our sustainable business in many ways. Learn more about her work from field to fork.

How I found my thing

Meet Mikkel. Through the Program, he has found his true passion – working with sustainable development – a future job and a job for the future. Watch the film to get his full story.

How I made my mark

Learn more about how Robert has fast tracked from Project Leader to Manager Digital Solutions. And it all started with the Graduate Trainee Program.

How I stretched my mind

This is Sofia. Throughout the Graduate Trainee Program, she explored her competencies - leading to new experiences and growth. Listen to her story.

The recruitment process

Application period

Our Graduate Trainee Program starts after the summer every second year - 2024, 2026 and so on. The application process for the coming program opens in the late autumn the year before. In order to qualify you need at least a Bachelor’s degree, preferably within Business, Industrial Engineering, Engineering or Agriculture.

The application for the program starting end of August 2024 will open in Q4 2023.

Tests and phone interviews

After the application has closed, the process will move on to digital assessment tests and phone interviews, which are the next steps in the recruitment.

In-depth interviews

After tests and phone interviews, further assessment will take place. Based on a combined evaluation, a number of candidates will be invited to in-depth interviews.


Finalizing the recruitment

Further interviews with sector track representatives will be conducted, as well as an overall evaluation of the different parts of your application and assessment steps. The recruitment process will then be finalized and candidates will be offered to join the Graduate Trainee Program.

Lantmännen's Graduate Trainee Program is certified by TraineeGuiden.

Read more about TraineeGuiden's certification, www.traineeguiden.se/certifierat-traineeprogram

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