The next Graduate Trainee Program will start beginning of September 2024 and the application period for the coming program has now closed.


We believe in sustainable growth through exploring different approaches, discovering new solutions and working together. Join us on our journey, where we invest in sustainable farming, efficient machinery, biorefineries, and delicious food. We're looking for curious, passionate talents to be part of our Graduate Trainee Program, offering a unique opportunity to explore various sectors, markets, and functions.

It could be...

Taking your skills up a notch

Level up your potential in our Graduate Trainee Program – a dynamic blend of fun and challenge. Share your ideas to develop, explore, and grow. Together, we find new ways to reimagine the world of grain!

Creating stuff that really matters

Everything we do is connected. And we are passionate about the opportunities to work together to find new solutions and to grow our sustainable business. Here, you can Influence society and people’s everyday lives!

Hanging out with brilliant people

One of the program's best perks is the network of brilliant minds it brings to the table. Here you grow connections, cultivate your curiosity, discover new perspectives and rub shoulders with the best.

Spotting different fields, no doubt

With businesses throughout the entire value chain, you will explore different sectors and businesses, and find your thing. Fuel your ambition and grow your experiences with our Graduate Trainee Program.

About the program

15 months of fun and challenge

As a Graduate Trainee in our 15-month program, you're in for an awesome start of your career. You'll join one of our sectors/companies within the Lantmännen Group and this will become your home base during the program, depending on the chosen track. After the program, you'll continue your career within your home company and work with stuff that really matters.


4 assignments across different fields

You'll explore four different fields – two within your home sector and two in other sectors or companies within the Group – gaining a diverse range of experience and skills. Expect varied projects and our goal is to include at least one assignment characterized by strong international collaboration or abroad placement. So, no doubt, you´ll be spotting different fields!

Trainings to level up your skills

Trainings are held in parallel with assignments to up your skills and provide a good platform and tools within areas such as leadership, change management, as well as personal development. Between assignments, you will meet your fellow Graduate Trainees and do study visits to further explore our business, share your experiences and learnings, reflect and recharge.  

Strategic Group Assignment

The Strategic Group Assignments focus on key areas in the future development of Lantmännen. These strategic projects are often initiated by the Group Management Team and are done in smaller groups. During the program you will also grow your network of brilliant colleagues and make a real impact, both for our Group, but also on society and peoples’ everyday lives.

Sector Tracks

  Graduate Trainee Program 2024 – 2025

In order to qualify, you should hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the fields of Business, Engineering, or Agriculture with no more than three years of post-academic work experience – placing you at the doorstep of your career. For the different tracks, specific competencies are sought, which are to be find below.


Agriculture sector, Malmö - Business Development / Digitalisation track

To the core of Lantmännen, the Agriculture sector, we're in search of a graduate with a flair for business development and digitalization, whom will focus on enhancing our digital landscape and services. If you've studied industrial engineering/economics, or business, and are passionate about connecting diverse areas like the grain market, plant breeding, and feed business, this could be the perfect fit for you.

Biorefineries, Energy sector, Norrköping - Supply Chain / Operations track

Step into the dynamic world of Lantmännen Biorefineries, within in the vibrant Energy sector. We're not only about what we do; it's about how we do it. And we're on the hunt for a forward-thinking industrial engineering or engineering graduate who's ready to dig deep into operations, supply chain, and product engineering. Join us in crafting solutions for a greener, more sustainable society.

Cerealia, Food sector, Järna - Operations / Production track

Are you ready to dive into the delicious world of food at Lantmännen Cerealia, home to beloved brands like Start!, AXA and Kungsörnen? We're on the lookout for candidates who share our enthusiasm for production and operations. If you have a background in engineering with a focus on supply chain, operations, or production, you're a match. Join us for a fun and challenging journey in the food sector!

Group Functions, Stockholm - Finance track

For Lantmännen Group Finance we are looking for a graduate trainee with a finance and accounting or economics background. If you have a profound grasp and a passion for forecasting, planning, and closely monitoring the financial aspects of a business, you're exactly who we want. To truly shine in this track, skills in process optimization, including digitalization, are highly valuable. Let's enhance efficiency and chart new pathways together!

Swecon, Eskilstuna - Supply Chain track

Get ready to embark on Swecon's sector track, which is all about shaping the future of business development in supply chain, lean management, and process optimization to drive growth. We're searching for a candidate that have studied engineering or industrial engineering and management, and if you bring competencies in digitalization, energy transition, and e-mobility to the table, that's an extra bonus.

Swecon, Ratingen/ Düsseldorf - Sales & Marketing / Product Mgmt track

Join us on the exciting sector track with Swecon, where the spotlight is on future business development in sales and marketing to fuel our growth. We're on the lookout for candidates with a background in business management, industrial or mechanical engineering, and a passion for sales and marketing. And you need to be fluent in German for this track. Ready to take your career up a notch?

The recruitment process

Application period

Our Graduate Trainee Program starts after the summer every second year - 2024, 2026 and so on. The application process for the coming program opens in the late autumn the year before. In order to qualify you need at least a Bachelor’s degree, preferably within Business, Industrial Engineering, Engineering or Agriculture.

The application period for the coming program, starting in September 2024, has now closed.

Tests and phone interviews

After the application has closed, the process will move on to digital assessment tests and phone interviews, which are the next steps in the recruitment.

In-depth interviews

After tests and phone interviews, further assessment will take place. Based on a combined evaluation, a number of candidates will be invited to in-depth interviews.


Finalizing the recruitment

Further interviews with sector track representatives will be conducted, as well as an overall evaluation of the different parts of your application and assessment steps. The recruitment process will then be finalized and candidates will be offered to join the Graduate Trainee Program.

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The application period for the Graduate Trainee Program starting in September 2024 has been closed. Please have a look at our open positions to join us creating stuff that really matters!