Safe and efficient production

With almost 9 billion people and just one planet we need to be as efficient as possible and use resources wisely to minimize the waste - in all steps from field to fork.

Systematic work with improvements saves gram and kWh

Decreased waste saves money and environment. The positive effects of resource management is spreading through the whole value chain and decreased loss and waste saves resources in all steps from raw material production and energy use to packaging and transports.

In our own production, the goal is to be as efficient as possible with all resources. Raw material, energy, water and packaging, but also time and knowledge. To a large extent it is about systematic work with improvements where all employees engagement, skills and knowledge is used to save grams and kWh, by continuously identifying and acting on loss and waste in specific situations and activities.

Energy efficiency and reduced waste of raw material in our production units has proved to have a big saving potential. We also work on innovation and product development for better packaging and to use by products better.

Target for reduced climate impact

One of the most important reasons to manage resources and energy is the impact on climate. If you see it from a life cycle perspective, the main part of the carbon footprint for Lantmännen's products, relates to the cultivation. Learn more about Lantmännen's climate target and work to decrease impact from our own production.

Safe working conditions and proactive health work

Lantmännen wants to create safe and engaged work places, and work systematically with identification and management of risks in the work environment. Trainings are held continuously in all units and operations. Lantmännen sees proactive work on health and wellbeing as important prerequisites for good working conditions. Our efforts are followed up in the employee survey and with continuous reporting and is collected in the Annual report with Sustainability Report.

Learn more about our values and ways of working.