Research & Innovation

It takes a lot to meet and preferably exceed consumer and customer expectations, both today and in the future. In order for us to develop our business, face challenges and maintain our position as a profitable company we invest in research and innovation within our various areas of business.


Lantmännen has a long tradition of research and innovation. We invest in both our own and external research projects promoting new knowledge. Every year, we invest 250-300 million SEK in various research and innovation projects, from shorter product and process development to long-term projects of benefit to the entire Lantmännen Group. Investments are mainly made within the grain value chain – from plant breeding to consumption. To ensure that that we reap the maximum benefit from our investments we actively work to commercialize results from the research projects.

Areas of investment in the grain value chain

The image describes our eleven areas of investment, from the sustainable intensifying of farming to products with health benefits. These areas reflect Lantmännen’s long term strategy and ensures our position as a responsible company developing sustainable solutions.

Besides our eleven areas of investment, we have four areas constituting the basis of all our research and innovation work: added value from grain, new business opportunities, an innovative company culture and cooperation with farms.

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Peter Annas

Director Lantmännen Group Research & Innovation