Keep an eye on your blood sugar levels

We rarely discuss diets when we see our doctors. We often talk about what we should avoid eating if we are allergic or hypersensitive to certain foods.
However, food is a crucial factor for good health and well-being and by consciously choosing healthy options we can feel better.

Diabetes is rising sharply all around the world. Diabetics (type 2) can mitigate their disease via medication, diet and exercise. The disease affects the body's ability to break down glucose into energy. Glucose molecules are the smallest building block in carbohydrates. Diabetics should therefore avoid carbohydrates that affect blood sugar levels too quickly. However, the brain still needs carbohydrates to function. Eating carbohydrates of the right quality is therefore important. Diabetics are encouraged to check their blood sugar level regularly, and keep it stable throughout the day.

Keeping your blood sugar level stable by eating the right carbohydrates is not just important for diabetics – it is beneficial for everyone. In this way, food is a “wellness factor” and can contribute to better health.

Did you know that oats have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels? Read more about the benefits of beta-glucans, a soluble dietary fibre found in oats here.

Glucose molecules are the smallest building blocks in carbohydrates. Glucose is the only energy source the brain wants. The brain needs 120 g of glucose per day.