Information about invoices addressed to Lantmännen

Below is information to facilitate your billing of companies within the Lantmännen Group. The purpose is to inform about Lantmännen's demands on the invoice content and of the different invoice addresses.

What an invoice should contain

It is important to charge the correct company and to enter the correct reference for an efficient handling.

Reference must always be specified when ordering; this reference should be included in the invoice. General reference requirements according to below priority order, unless otherwise agreed. See invoice example as a reference.

  1. Order number + name and surname of the customer. Is there only one field on the invoice, enter the order number in the field shown in page 1
  2. Reference person: LantID or first and last name, in the field shown in page 1
  3. Cost Center or Result Unit, in the field shown in page 1

Some companies also requires an order number for most of the purchases, see table below.


Order number, direct material

Order number, indirect material (Ariba)

Lantmännen Ek för



Lantmännen Cerealia AB



Lantmännen Cerealia AS



Lantmännen Cerealia A/S



Lantmännen Cerealia OY



Lantmännen Maskin AB



Swecon Anläggningsmaskiner AB



Lantmännen Aspen AB



Lantmännen Reppe AB



For Those of you sending E-invoice or PDF invoices 

Information regarding GLN number for E-invoices and e-mailadresses for PDF, you will find in the document with our invoice addresses. 

Invoices, currency SEK:

Lantmännen Aspen
Lantmännen fastighetsbolag

Invoices, all other currencies:
Lantmännen Aspen
Lantmännen fastighetsbolag

Lantmännen Unibake AB

Lantmännen Unibake Norge AS

Lantmännen Småbolag 
LM Bioagri AB, Scandagra Group AB 
LM Energi AB, Swedish Oats AB 
LM Invest AB, Åhus Foder HB 
Rural Patent AB, Vårgårda Kvarn AB 
LM Seed AB, Doofmas & Co AB 
LM Solanum AB, Crop Tailor 
LM Pane, Invest AB 
LM Krafft AB, LM Bränsleteknik AB 
LM Kycklinginvest AB, Gooh AB 
LDI AB, LDI Invest AB 
LM Maskin Sydost AB, LM AS-Faktor AB 
Nötcenter Viken AB, LM Innovation AB 
Vegolia AB

Supplier invoices as e-invoice or pdf

To promote a more efficient and environmentally friendly handling of supplier invoices, it is the objective for Lantmännen during 2021 to switch to receiving only electronic supplier invoices, or invoices attached as a pdf file via email. Please note that this change does not concern the companies within the Lantmännen Unibake group.

Time and costs – both in money and environment – for handling paper invoices are higher than for handling invoices in electronic or pdf format. This means that paper invoices can in the long run become subject to fees. We will therefore urge Lantmännen`s suppliers to review the possibilities of sending electronic invoices.

One of the many benefits of e-invoicing is that the information sent in the e-invoice is identical to the information loaded into the recipient`s invoice management system. There is therefore no risk of misinterpretation of unclear invoice images or incorrectly interpreted invoice amounts, which can happen when invoices are manually scanned.


Contact for queries regarding invoices

To get in touch with Lantmännen Accounts Payable regarding for instance demands, interest invoices and other billing questions below the e-mail addresses can be used for each company as the matter concerns.

Lantmännen Aspen
Lantmännen Cerealia
Lantmännen Ek för
Lantmännens fastighetsbolag
Lantmännen Maskin
Lantmännen Unibake AB
Lantmännen Småbolag
Lantmännen Reppe
Lantmännen Agro Oy
Lantmännen Krafft AB
Lantmännen Seed AB