Hi Adnan! Tell us about your career
at Lantmännen so far.
Having had the opportunity to try several different positions and learn the core business has been extremely helpful. My current position is within grain trade, where my primary responsibility is trading oats, peas and organic grains. Closing large deals, meeting new people and representing Lantmännen and our core business to the rest of the world is very satisfying and fun. 

Continue having a job where I enjoy Mondays just as much as Fridays is my dream job at Lantmännen.

What is your best advice to someone in pursuing a career within Lantmännen?
Lantmännen is a place where you can grow in many directions, so be open to this growth. The yearly follow-ups on the performance review, gives you as an employee the opportunity to express your desires. Perhaps you wish to grow in a new direction within the company? in those cases our fantastic managers will help and encourage you in any way they can.

Personally, I believe the most successful way forward is to always strive to improve yourself and your way of working, be kind, helpful and always keep one eye on the bigger picture. 

Tell us more about what you like to do when you're not working.
Working at Lantmännen is immensely fun, however, spending time with family and friends is something I enjoy just as much.

Being a present parent to my sons, family activities and traveling is something I enjoy on my free time. As well as fishing, working out and driving motorcycles. As a boy I dreamt about being a professional motorcycle rider, later in life I realizedthat  I value my health a bit to much.