Go quinoa

Over the past year, Swedish farmers have had great success with their quinoa cultivation and the area of land used for growing quinoa continues to increase around the country. The crop was not previously grown in Sweden, but as demand for quinoa continued to rise, so trials began here – with good results.

Lantmännen is now actively working to secure access to the healthy quinoa seed, which is a source of important vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. 

Beans & bean pasta from Öland

Lantmännen has brought back the beans to Sweden - GoGreens' kidney beans and black beans grow in sunny Öland. In the islands calcareous soil, the beans grow in their own pace, with care from the farmers. The Öland beans are also used in our pasta from Kungsörnen. 

The oats of tomorrow

For Lantmännen, it is important to continue developing oat cultivation in Sweden, which is why we are one of the companies involved in the ScanOats research centre at Lund University. This research aims to further develop the entire oats process – from cultivation and plant breeding to increasing the nutritional value of existing products and developing new oat-based foods. The long-term goal is to turn our new Swedish oat varieties into a major export success!