Broccoli sprouts can lower blood sugar levels

We have long known that broccoli is healthy for you, but research now shows that there are even more health benefits to the vegetable.

Through a research project funded by Lantmännen, researchers at Lund and Gothenburg University have found a natural substance in broccoli with a positive effect on people diagnosed with diabetes type 2. The active substance – an antioxidant in broccoli – has shown to lower blood sugar levels.

The result from the diabetes study, that was conducted over a twelve-week period, has been published in the scientific journal Science Transnational Medicine. The study involved 100 patients with diabetes and the results show that a particular antioxidant in broccoli is able to counteract the liver’s increased production of glucose – making it an important supplement for diabetics.

It is quite likely that this can be a valuable supplement to existing medicines.

Anders Rosengren, Senior Lecturer at the University of Gothenburg