Climate-friendly mushroom

Lantmännen currently offers several alternative sources of protein, such as beans grown on Öland and bean pasta that has a higher protein content than ordinary pasta. We are also developing a mushroom with a high protein content that can act as a good, green alternative. We hope to offer it in the supermarkets soon!

New protein crops

We are further developing more plantbased sources of protein which should primarly replace today’s meat consumption that consists of non-sustainable imported meat. For example the development of new types of crops cultivated in Sweden, bean dishes from GoGreen and research on ”protein mushrooms”.

We drive the development of sustainable feed for Swedish animals, with less impact on the environment. 

Our healthy legumes

Right now, Lantmännen is examining the possibility of using seeds from lupins and red clover, one of Sweden’s most-grown legumes, as good, healthy ingredients in food.

Red clover in particular is said to have many health benefits. They are both rich in protein and fibre and low in calories. Seeds are also gluten-free and easy to grow organically, satisfying the increased demand from consumers today for food that meets special dietary requirements. 

Skywalker - the rapeseed of the future

Lantmännen’s plant breeders are currently looking into adapted rapeseed oils that have both better functionality and greater added value for health. A rapeseed variety with the working name of Skywalker has a particularly good balance between the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, making it easier for the body to absorb omega-3.

As well as improvements to rapeseed oil, research is also underway all over the world, including in Sweden, into the use of rapeseed as food. Rapeseed cake has been shown to have a very high protein content. A new, green addition to your cooking?

Skywalker will be grown in a relatively small area and is clearly of interest for customers who want a vegetable oil with a health profile adapted to e.g. special dietary requirements and children’s food

Elisabeth Gunnarsson, responsible for Lantmännen’s spring oilseed rape breeding