Durum wheat on Gotland

Did you know?

Our durum pasta is the result of 16 years of trial crops, development and attention to detail by many dedicated and fearless farmers.

Durum wheat has traditionally been grown around the Mediterranean area as it thrives in the warmer climate. However, after several years of trial crops, Lantmännen and Gotland farmers have between them, been able to successfully cultivate fastidious durum wheat on Gotland where it thrives in the chalky soil. 

Lantmännen has been running trials of new crops in Swedish fields for many years. Now, thanks to 66 farmers from Gotland, we have finally been able to produce Gotland durum wheat. Durum wheat is a hard wheat with a transparent, glassy looking kernel that, when ground, produces a flour with the optimal structure for pasta.

Along with its good protein quality, the Gotland pasts retains its resilience and chewiness and is easier to cook al dente.