Thriving farming - today and tomorrow

What we eat and how our food is produced is vital for a sustainable development. And we live in a time where we have greater opportunities than any previous generation to influence the future of our planet and the nature and people that live on it.

Agriculture is undergoing a revolutionary change in order to meet the challenges of today and the future. This is what we at Lantmännen and our 19,000 farmers work for every day.

Global food production is currently facing major challenges. An increasing population requires more efficient production in order to provide enough food while at the same time reducing the impact on the environment. At the same time, soil fertility is decreasing in many areas with consequences for farmers around the world.

Sweden is already considered to have one of the world’s most sustainable agricultures.

We have unique conditions here in Sweden. Our arable land is in good condition and the soil organic matter is increasing. The access to water within agriculture is not a problem either – when Swedish farmers grow grain and grass, rainwater is the main source.

As a country, we are also one of the lowest users of chemicals in Europe, partly because we have sought to control and reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture over many years, but also because we have one of the highest proportions of organic farming.

Sweden also has a high level of animal welfare and a low climate impact from livestock production. And not least, we have knowledgeable and committed farmers in Sweden who are all contributing to the positive development.

Thus, our starting point is good, Sweden is already considered to have one of the world’s most sustainable agricultures. But many challenges still lie ahead and here at Lantmännen we have even greater ambitions than that. We have a unique opportunity to make a positive difference, as we have operations throughout the value chain from field to fork.

We are owned by 19,000 Swedish farmers and present from sowing to harvest – to the food on our tables, feed for animals and climate-smart biofuels. We enable farming to thrive through constantly renewing our farming practices, and thereby future-proofing Swedish agriculture – with increased food production and less impact on the environment. That is how we take responsibility from field to fork.

Through an innovative and responsible refinement of the arable land’s resources, we contribute to profitable farming for the future. We therefore develop new crops, cultivation methods and input materials for agriculture. New services and technological solutions. New climate-smart feed, healthy food and sustainable biofuels. All this in an effort to close the loop at every stage.

We further develop both organic and traditional cultivation. By taking the best from different production methods, and combining it with extensive research and new, sustainable technology we at Lantmännen create value throughout the chain and increase agriculture’s ability to meet future demand. We make farming thrive – today and in the future.