Hi Klara!

Tell us about your career at Lantmännen? 

I have never had a clear picture of what my career should look like, but since Lantmännen is a large company there have been opportunities and a wide scope to do many different things within our Group. Although the role on paper has remained the same, the content has varied over time. One of the advantages of being at a large company. I have also always felt listened to and, together with managers, mapped out a way forward.

What experiences do you bring with you from your previous roles?

It is a good experience to have been working both at a company and within Group functions. That way, you get a very good overall view and understanding of different perspectives. In economics, you need to be able to see different perspectives on how to manage diverse topics.

Tell us about your current role - the most fun part of the role and the most challenging?

I lead an organization of 38 employees and have two managers and a process manager who reports to me. It is a lot of fun working together to coach and set goals for the way forward. I have many different stakeholders with contacts within different companies, Group functions and IT. Also, a wide range of colleagues which is fun. We also have a constantly high workflow since we have daily operations, all year round, even during Christmas and summer, so that always poses a challenge in the daily work.

What qualities are important for success in your current role?

To be able to listen to several different perspectives and to reflect. It suits me well since that is also very much my way of being. It is also important to be able to make decisions. Sometimes it is more important to decide than to wait for all the facts. I rarely make decisions completely by myself but like to sit down with some of my closest colleagues and discuss and then come to a decision.

"It is great to see the development Lantmännen has made and to be a part of it!"


What is your relationship to our values of openness, holistic approach and decisiveness?

I really like Lantmännen's values and it's important to have them in the day-to-day environment. Sometimes we use them too little and have to check-in with ourselves - are we really thinking about the big picture now? But we try to practice what we preach, and we think and talk a lot about the holistic view within our team. Openness and transparency are also something I highly value in my own leadership.

What drives you to develop?

The feeling of wanting to move forward, I think. I like to be where the action is. Days when it is too quiet and too little going on I find pretty boring. You definitely do not want an IT attack, but when that happened a few summers ago, the extra amount of work it created gave me adrenaline and I have to admit I like that part! When we push ourselves a little bit and get to show and use our full range of skills.

What do you hope will be your next step within Lantmännen? And what would you like to learn more about?

Now I have been working with finance for a long time and it is starting to feel like it is time for new challenges. This spring, I will take on a new position within the Agriculture sector. I will work with topics such as compliance and risk. It is a broad role that gives me an opportunity to broaden my horizons, which feels challenging and fun!

What are your best tips for others who want to make a career at Lantmännen?

I am a firm believer in doing a good job where you are. And to create relationships that you can benefit from both in your daily work, but also for the next step to unfold.

What is your best tip for a person who is a new employee at Lantmännen?

Lantmännen's fourth value word should be patience! Because you really need that, especially as a newcomer to Lantmännen. We are a large and complex organization, and it takes some time to understand how things fit together. If you come from smaller companies, you may also be used to a higher pace. Decisions take a little longer in our large organization and you need to be able to relate to and accept that.

How would you describe Lantmännen?

Lantmännen is truly a company that makes an impression, with its roots in Swedish agriculture and the fact that we care about the planet. It feels like it permeates our entire Group, and it makes me proud to say that I work at Lantmännen, which is usually also met with positive feedback. It is great to see the development Lantmännen has made and to be a part of it!