Hi Olli, tell us what you do at Lantmännen!
As Chief Operating Officer (COO), a lot of focus is now concentrated around supporting the current transformation we are going through at Cerealia. This includes, among other things, establishing an operational excellence function addressing continuous improvements and working on sustainability. This transformation is bringing new ways of being a leader. Thanks to my experience at Unibake, I am bringing a robust knowledge of standardisation and structure which is a good support in this work.

It’s an exciting time working with sustainability within the food sector. The world is changing, climate is changing, the population is growing, and we need to change our impact. The way Cerealia is working with sustainability is differentiating us from the competitors and we will continue to build on our unique Field-to-Fork value chain.  

Lantmännen is best described as value led, professional and a leader in sustainability.

What do need in order to be successful in your role as COO?
To take on this role, you need to understand the industrial processes of grain value chain, knowledge of cost efficiency and having a continuous improvement mindset. As a team and as people, we always need to strive to be better today than we were yesterday. This requires being innovative, but also humble, as we are in an industry with a long tradition that we want to bring to the future.

What does our values openness, holistic view and drive mean to you?
I try to apply it everyday, and I won’t let my team members forget about it. I believe that great teams are built on good values.

What’s your best tips for others who want to make a career in Lantmännen?
The best teams are based on diversity, so start with being yourself and curious of others. Take your place by being active, don’t hold back in telling your feelings and thoughts. Later, you’ll make a positive impact by taking ownership of your work, network, and work according to our values. If you’re open to it, show your willingness to mobility as it’s perceived as you’re eager to learn and get to know other cultures.