Hi Nina! Please tell us what you do at Lantmännen as Project Manager Innovation.

The Greenhouse is Lantmännen's innovation program. Since 2014, the program invites both employees, external start-ups and researchers to contribute with solutions to food and agriculture of the future. Among other things, I am program manager for The Greenhouse, which includes both practical management of the program and strategic development. This means developing the concept every year, discovering how we can make it more meaningful, coming up with new ideas and continuously engaging employees.

In addition to The Greenhouse, I am also project manager for various projects that are run in the various businesses, for example the implementation of Climate & Nature in Finland in 2021. I am also in charge of external collaborations, such as networks to promote innovation in various ways.

Lantmännen is an incredibly company, my time here has been the best years of my career. We have strong values, investments in sustainability and ambitious goals.

What do you most like about your job?
When you get to test new ideas and to see the joy and inspiration of those who participate. My strongest memory here at Lantmännen was after the pandemic. We were finally able to arrange physical workshops and it was so wonderful to see the joy and long-awaited interaction between the colleagues.

What are your best tips for others who want to pursue a career within Lantmännen?
Dare to take the chance! Lantmännen encourages and supports rotations within the group and it is very useful to learn new things and get to know new people. By participating in Lantmännen's leadership program Grow, I got to know and was inspired by leaders and experts, and was able to build on my own career dreams from there.

What have Lantmännen's values of holistic view, openness and drive meant to you during your career?
My way of working in the projects I lead is supported by the values. The holistic view ensures transparency in the project. The openness is supported by our inclusive work culture, which makes it easy to collaborate. The power of drive is seen in that everyone wants to deliver the best results according to clearly set goals.

What do you like to do when you get home from work?
Right now I'm pursuing a long dream of learning Italian, so after work there's sometimes a lecture or repeating glossaries. To clear my mind, I find that a run with my runners group or a yoga session is the best trick.