The Sustainable Nutrition Blog

I am Sofia, one of the Lantmännen Graduate Trainees. I started my journey as a trainee in August 2020, and currently I am positioned in Lantmännen R&D Team Innovation. My background is in food science, human nutrition and health promotion, which is why I can truly say that sustainable nutrition is a very fascinating field for me. For me, the essence of sustainable nutrition lies in combination of all the dimensions of sustainability and healthy nutrition, but each day I try to learn more of this topic. Hopefully, you readers share my interest in learning more about the exciting area of sustainable nutrition!  

In this blog I am interviewing key position holders who according to me have interesting views on sustainable nutrition. The aim is to introduce how sustainable nutrition is seen in our diversified business areas. Also, I would like to share excitement, interest and knowledge that we have within Lantmännen for the reader.