Energy, nerves & excitement leading up to the final activity of The Greenhouse, our very own Dragon’s Den

Innovation Days, Demo Days and Accelerator programmes - time flies when our colleagues have been developing new solutions for the future of SMART Farming in Lantmännen’s Greenhouse Program. Next up: The final ideas will be presented at the Dragon’s Den. We checked in with the teams to learn more about their experiences and how they are getting ready...  

How can we use existing data to contribute to profitability on the farm and at the same time reduce the climate footprint? How can we make it easier for farmers to optimize their production using modern technology? These are just some of the burning questions that the project groups ask themselves as this year's Greenhouse is coming to an end. 

November 30th, the final four ideas will be presented to the Agriculture Division leadership team at the Dragon’s Den. The energy and excitement is at an all-time high. Not only because the grand finale is almost here, but also because so much has been gained since the start of the program.  

“I’ve gotten an incredible amount of energy from this experience. Almost like a bit of a fresh start, professionally and personally. It’s truly been wonderful!” Eva Jenssen, Feed Sales says. Project team member, Nicole Böhm, Process Leader Business Intelligence agrees: “I think the process itself is super exciting. While I wasn’t a part of hatching the idea itself, I’ve been able to help along the way.”  

"We are all so different, but that’s what’s made this such a good collaboration,” Sofie Winding, Feed Sales chimes in. 

Nicole Böhm, Process leader Business Intelligence and Sofie Winding, Sales Nötfor.
Also part of their team but not in the picture is Eva Jenssen, Sales Nötfor.


Tobias Hallström, Plant Cultivation Sales, continues: 

"The unique thing about our project is that we’ve gathered expertise from the entire chain. There are many puzzle pieces that have to fall into place, and together we can create a holistic perspective.” 

Martin Holmberg, Crop advisory, Johan Mickelåker, Dataväxt och Tobias Hallström, Sales Crop Production. Also part of their Greenhouse team, but not pictured here: Andreas Persson, Erik Pettersson, Andreas Öhrman and Johan Wågstam.


Valuable tools beyond the Greenhouse 

Since last month’s Accelerator, the teams have been developing their ideas, created a presentation and practiced their pitching skills - tools that will be useful for the future, regardless of next week’s outcome:  

“Being in sales, you’re pretty much working alone with your blinders on. So this experience has really been beyond the ordinary for me. I’ve grown a lot in my own way of thinking, as well as how I work in a group,” Peter Williamsson, Sales Crop Production says. Stina Borgström, Business Solutions Specialist continues, "Thinking in new ways, and utilizing this innovative project methodology will be very useful in my daily work.”  

Stina Borgström, Business Solutions Specialist, Peter Williamsson, Sales Crop Production and Nadja Kvick Nastaj, Crop advisory. Also part of their team is Sune Forsström, Business Analyst.


Martin Holmberg, Crop Cultivation Advisor, also sees that his time in the Greenhouse will be valuable going forward: "Now I’ve connected with colleagues who are specialized in areas close to my field." 


Planting a seed for smarter farming 

The skills and tools will be put to the test at the Dragon’s Den. The business idea(s) with the most potential will get resources for further development across the Lantmännen business. “It’s a bit nerve-wracking, thinking about the Dragon’s Den. But I feel confident in our idea, so I think it will go well,” Anna Lindgren, Crop Advisory says. The dream scenario?  

“Well, that’s of course having a finished product that everyone can access through their phones at the end of all this. And although it might not be us who continue to develop the idea, it’s an amazing feeling to know that we’ve been a part of planting a seed,” Niklas Saläng, Lantmännen Machine Sales smiles.  

Anna Lindberg, Crop advisory (Uppsala) and Niklas Saläng, Sales Lantmännen Maskin (Växjö) are participants in The Greenhouse accelerator.


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