Lantmännen colleagues welcome to join the next Greenhouse activity in the autumn - the application time is starting now

Concerned about the future of agriculture? Thirsting for a boost of creativity in your daily work? Or maybe you’re simply overwhelmed with ideas and lacking an outlet for them? Then this year’s Accelerator is calling on you. 

The 12th consecutive round of the Greenhouse is up and running with a special emphasis on gathering all the internal innovation and knowledge across our organization. This year’s theme? – a collective name for ideas and innovation that explore how to make the future of farming more profitable, productive, and sustainable. 

The business opportunities across this area are endless, but nothing without all of you! No matter who you are, where you come from or what your role is, we believe that the brightest of innovation happens when people from different walks of life meet. The Accelerator - a program for selected ideas to develop and grow - is a place for precisely that type of innovation to gain momentum.


Shorter activity sprints welcome everyone

So, what does it actually mean to commit to the Greenhouse, and specifically to the Accelerator? Although the impression might be that you need a whole lot of time and ideas to join in on the action, this year you don’t. 

“We encourage everyone to apply because it’s a great opportunity to strengthen our innovation-culture. Everyone’s perspective brings something unique to the table. What’s great about this year is that we ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for you to participate,” explains Elisabeth Ringdahl, Head of Agriculture division. 


What’s in it for you? 

While inspiration and a lot of fun is guaranteed, you can also expect a whole new network of colleagues, a boost in creativity, and the opportunity to impact the future of farming - and the future of Lantmännen. “The opportunities really are endless. We hope to spark ideas and innovations within productivity, energy use, plant nutrients and protection and so much more. All of you play such an important role on this journey!” says Agneta Rudin, Sales & Marketing Manager, Agriculture Machine.

Still not convinced? Maybe Andrei Tarus, Master Planner at Cerealia, a participant in the 2021 Greenhouse Accelerator program, will make you reconsider: “Even my wife was happy that I was a part of the program. She saw how much energy it gave me!” So, who knows, maybe this is the year that you learn something new about yourself.


Key facts:


What is the Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse has been Lantmännen's program for Open Innovation since 2014. This year is the 12th round. The theme is SMART Farming.


What is the Accelerator?

The Accelerator is a program for selected ideas to grow further in a two-part workshop, leading up to a final presentation at the Dragon’s Den with representatives from the Agriculture Division leadership team. 


When is the Accelerator?

  • Workshop part 1: 4 - 5/10
  • Workshop part 2: 18 - 19/10
  • Dragon’s Den: 30/11 


Who can apply?
Everyone! Four - six ideas will be selected with three-four members in each team. Regardless of whether you already have a team to apply with, or whether you already have idea that’s ready to grow - you are welcome. We also welcome those of you who might want to support someone else’s idea.


How can I apply? 
Apply by filling out this application form. Applications open 19/4. Last day to apply is 10/5. Application questions? Reach out to Nina Tuomikangas, Greenhouse programme manager. 

How are ideas selected?
The leadership team of Agriculture Division will select four to six promising ideas for further development in the Accelerator.

What happens after the Greenhouse?
Maybe you will launch a new product on the market? Or discover a new collaboration opportunity? There are a lot of exciting avenues post-Greenhouse!

“The Greenhouse program was the perfect “torture test” to validate the concept to fit and contribute to our value-based brand strategy at Vaasan. It’s an amazing platform for business development and innovation culture for future successful businesses across Lantmännen,” Minna Cousins, Director of Business Operations in Sales and Marketing at Vaasan and business owner in the 2020 Greenhouse Accelerator program, says about her Greenhouse experience just a few weeks away from launching her and colleague Mikko Kaijansinkko’s concept. 

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For questions about The Greenhouse program and Accelerator, please contact Nina Tuomikangas:

For questions about this year’s theme, please contact Carin Ritter: