Lantmännen´s cultivation program

We live in a time of great challenges. Our farming in Sweden is considered to be among the most sustainable in the world – yet our farmland and nature are challenged by climate change, environmental pressures and reduced biodiversity.

Lantmännen's cultivation program

In 2015, Lantmännen decided to make a real difference. Together with our owners, 20,000 committed Swedish farmers, we took the first step towards transforming our cultivation. Climate & Nature is Lantmännen’s program for farming of the future and has a number of concrete climate-smart measures.

Flour with up a 30% reduced climate impact

By updating the entire range of conventional flour products in line with Climate & Nature, Kungsörnen has shown, since 2015, that it is neither difficult nor expensive to choose sustainable products.

About the program

At Lantmännen, we have always taken responsibility for the future. The profits our cooperative generates are reinvested in Swedish farming – for example, to develop new, better and more sustainable cultivation methods. By purchasing products grown according to Climate & Nature, you not only get responsibly produced high-quality products – you are also investing in farming of the future.

Wheat cultivated in line with Climate & Nature has up to 30% lower climate impact

For us, the program is an important step towards our long-term climate targets and more sustainable production. With measures for biodiversity and reduced climate impact, we have reduced our climate footprint from wheat cultivation by 30 percent since 2015, while creating more favorable conditions for skylarks and insects. This is done while maintaining a good cultivation yield and high grain quality.

Farmers who are growing crops in line with the program work according to the latest of our developed cultivation methods, including fossil-free fuels on the farms, climate-smart mineral fertilizer, precision farming with GPS technology and skylark plots and flower zones in the field.  Via contract cultivation, Lantmännen guarantees payment for both the crops and the measures implemented.

Traceability and mass-balance

We are confident that we accurately calculate the environmental benefits you are investing in and that we verify that they are being achieved on our farms. The grain in our products labeled with Climate & Nature is always traceable back to our Swedish fields and is cultivated without straw-shortening agents and sludge. The measures for biodiversity and reduced climate impact implemented in the field are contracted for the corresponding volume based on the mass-balance principle.

Since being launched in 2015, the cultivation program has delivered good results with reduced carbon dioxide emissions, less environment impact and positive effects on biological diversity.

Climate & Nature in figures

Results from the program start 2015 to the 2019 harvest

  • Circa 10 000 hectares cultivated acreage (circa 14,000 football pitches)
  • About 300 000 ton harvest
  • Increased biological diversity with 10 000 lark plots yearly
  • Climate savings equivalent with 21 000 tons CO2 savings
  • About 50 contracted farmers on a yearly basis