ThermoSeed - Thermal seed treatment (with steam)

ThermoSeed is a unique biological method developed by Lantmännen that treats seed to make it disease-free. This reduces the need for pesticides and benefits flowers and bees in the arable landscape.

Did you know?

Sweden is one of the countries in Europe that uses the least chemicals and has one of the highest proportions of organic farming.

Seed can often be hit by different diseases and various different methods are used to combat this. However, most include some form of chemical treatment. We have developed a biological alternative - ThermoSeed, a kind of pasteurisation with hot air, that not only makes crops disease-free, but also improves their growing power.

Thanks to ThermoSeed - and other biological and environment-friendly forms of treatment - Swedish farmers have been able to save two million litres of pesticides, that would otherwise have been used to protect grain crops against pest attack.

Today ThermoSeed is used in Sweden, Norway, Finland, USA, France and Switzerland. It is used mainly for crops such as grain and rice, but also for linseed, onions, carrots and forage seed.

Acclaimed innovation

Lantmännen BioAgri in Uppsala that develops and markets products with unique environment-friendly technology, is behind our innovative ThermoSeed. It has also been acclaimed by SLU, (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), that named ThermoSeed as one of the most successful innovations in the University's 40-year history.

Advantages of ThermoSeed:

  • Contains no chemical agents
  • Eliminates diseases and increases the growing power of treated seed at the same time
  • It is effective in a large number of crops
  • Can be used against fungi, nematodes (and bacteria under certain circumstances)
  • ThermoSeed is also effective against insects in infected cereal grain
  • Can be used in both organic and conventional farming

Read more about ThermoSeed (pdf)