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New report shows: Skylark plots have a significant positive effect!

May 2018  Skylark plots have a significant positive effect on breeding skylarks, according to a new report from Lantmännen, WWF, BirdLife Sweden and SLU. 

In Sweden three out of four skylarks have disappeared due to the changes in agriculture during the last 40 years. To contribute to a positive development Swedish farmers around the country have started to create undrilled patches in fields where larks can land and find food, so called skylark plots. Creating skylark plots is one of the criterias in Lantmännen’s sustainable cultivation concept, Climat & Nature.

Small undrilled skylark plots in the fields have now shown to create the variation the bird needs, contributing to turning the negative trend. The amount of breeding skylarks increases with up to 60 percent in fields with skylark plots, according to a new report from Lantmännen, WWF, BirdLife Sweden, and SLU.

The lark is a good indicator of the state for the biological diversity in the entire landscape. It is important for the resilience of natural systems that there is a broad base of viable species and the ecosystem is of great importance for food production.

– Biodiversity and well functioning ecosystem services are important parts of Lantmännen’s work for a sustainable development. Skylark plots, which are part of our cultivation concept Climate & Nature, contribute with added value for the farmer, the environment and the skylark. The new results show that together we are driving the development in the right direction, says Pär-Johan Lööf, Innovation Project Manager at Lantmännen Research & Development.  

Photo: Jan Wärnbäck/WWF

Photo: Niklas Aronsson/Birdlife Sweden

Photo: Kaj Svahn

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