Fossil-free transports

Lantmännen works actively to reduce the climate impact of transports - both in-house and together with our partners throughout the value chain. An important contribution in the transition to a fossil-free vehicle fleet.

Lantmännen Agroetanol – a bio-based circular economy in practice

Our biofuel refinery in Norrköping uses grain and waste products from bakeries and the food industry, such as bread, dough and crumbs, to produce our sustainable, ethanol-based fuel. Agroetanol’s ED95 fuel reduces CO2 emissions by a whopping 95 percent compared to fossil diesel and offers an important contribution to reducing fossil fuel dependency and emissions. Agroetanol is currently the only large-scale producer and supplier of grain-based fuel ethanol in Sweden. 

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Cooperation for fossil-free transports

Lantmännen is a member of KNEG, (Climate Neutral road transport), a partnership project with a vision of making all road transport in Sweden climate neutral. As part of this, Lantmännen has committed to enter into climate partnerships with suppliers, to ensure suppliers have access to renewable fuel and to promote sustainable heavy goods transport based on Swedish engine technology and Swedish ethanol within the Etha concept. The concept has led to a partnership between Scania and Lantmännen Agroetanol that saw Scania unveil the world's first ED95 driven heavy goods vehicle in November 2018.