Code of Conduct

Our responsibility is defined overall in Lantmännen's Code of Conduct. The code provides guidelines for social and environmental responsibility in the various subject areas that are relevant to Lantmännen's operations, based on the Global Compact's ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

For many specific issues there are also policies and guidelines developed. Learn more about Lantmännen's Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct. Below is a summary of the Code of Coduct with subheadings and policies.


Subheadings: Sustainable cultivation, Climate and Resource efficient production, Environmentally adapted
products and raw materials
Related and additional steering documents: Climate target and strategy, Directive Raw Materials, Directive Responsible Produced Food, Business travel, Transport

Business ethics and the Society 

Subheadings: Anti-corruption, Integrity and independency, Information security, Stakeholder dialogue, Factual and correct communication, Proactive risk management, Taxes in accordance with law and ethical rules
Related and additional steering documents: Anti-corruption, Competition Law, Trade Sanctions, Anti-money laundering, Procurement, Representation, Data Privacy, Information Security, Media, Communication, Social media, Sponsorship

Work environment and social conditions

Subheadings: Freedom of association, Wages and Working hours, Child labour, Forced labour, Equality, Work environment and safety, Health and wellness
Related and additional steering documents: Work Environment, Diversity and Equal opportunities with guidelines, Recruitment, Heath and Wellness, Delegation and Authorization


Subheadings: Safe and Traceable Products of Good Quality, Investment in Research and innovation
Related and additional steering documents: Product Safety and guidelines, Additives and guidelines, Health and nutrition.