New function for public & regulatory affairs for Lantmännen Group

Press releases, 2016

Lantmännen is establishing a function for public & regulatory affairs, with responsibility for the entire Group. Alarik Sandrup is appointed the Director, Public & Regulatory Affairs, Lantmännen Group.

The function, which is based at the headquarters in Stockholm, will work with relevant public, governmental and regulatory affairs issues within all sectors and businesses – and, if needed, also with related issues that are important for the profitability and operations at our owners’ farms.

Alarik Sandrup, currently Director of Public Affairs in the Energy Sector, will continue his work in the new, group-wide role. Alarik will be reporting to Lantmännen’s Executive Vice President Per Arfvidsson.

– Political decisions and interactions between politics/policymakers, business and academy are becoming increasingly important, not least in areas such as sustainability, energy, agriculture, and food. Lantmännen already operates in these areas, and our agenda for the future leads us even further in that direction. By being a responsible, innovative and future-oriented player in the market, our business and strategies will benefit both directly and indirectly, says Per Arfvidsson, Executive Vice President.

If you have any questions about the new function, please contact Alarik Sandrup or Per Arfvidsson.

Alarik Sandrup, Director Public & Regulatory Affairs, Lantmännen
+46 70 602 87 80

Per Arfvidsson, Executive Vice President, Lantmännen
+46 70 281 61 06