Products with sustainability added values

Sustainable solutions in agriculture, energy and food production are keys to a sustainable development. Lantmännen offers products and services with sustainability added values. It can be biobased renewable raw material, products with reduced climate and environmental impact or food produced for a good health.

Strong value chain

Our products with sustainable added values are based on a strong value chain, where we optimize the benefits and minimize the negative impact. It can be through plant breeding, digital technics in the farming, with feed recipes with decreased climate impact and by that, the carbon foodprint of the next step, the food. It is in our biorefinery that renewable raw material but also waste is turned into bioethanol. It is through our research and innovation that new sources of protein is found, insights on health effects of grain and new areas of use is expored and developed into business and products. Learn more about Research and innovation.

Lantmännen's ambition is to be part of future solutions for sustainable energy and food by developing sustainable added values for customers. The core is innovation and product development for profitable business. Business with offerings that meet the market's demand for sustainable products and where we together take responsibilty from field to fork.

Starts with cultivation

Our offer of sustainable products is based on a responsible production from field to fork. We work in all steps in the value chain to develop conventional and ecological cultivation, with responsibility in the supply chain, resource efficient production and to add sustainablility added values to products. Read more about sustainable cultivation.

Flour with up to 30 percent lower climate impact

With Lantmännen's new cultivation programme Climate & Nature, we have developed flour with lower climate and environmental impact.

Flour from the cultivation programme Climate & Nature enables consumers to easily make a sustainable choice. Since autumn 2015, all wheat flour from Kungsörnen is developed by Lantmännen's new cultivation programme Climate & Nature. It is the result of cooperation between Lantmännen’s owners and Swedish farmers, dialogue with our customers and extensive research and development. 

Other players in the food industry are offered flour that is cultivated according to the programme Climate & Nature. Learn more about Lantmännen's products with sustainaiblity added value.

Our products

Organic products

The demand for organic products has increased in Sweden. Sales of organic food has increased with 40 percent per year. Consumers want products without pesticides and where animals keeping is good, and they are willing to pay more for these products. Organic is no longer a nisch, but a category of products popular among many and broad consumer groups.

When the demand for organic products increase, it presents a business opportunity to the farmer. At the same time, the yield from ecological agriculture is lower than in conventional agriculture, which is a limit for the farmer's profit and the organic agriculture's climate efficiency.

Lantmännen focuses on new methods increasing the yield from organic cultivation. By developing that we contribute to decreased climate impact and a thriving farming. Lantmännen is a forerunner for sustainable agriculture and wants to create possibilities to increase the Swedish grain production, both for conventional and organic agriculture. att öka den svenska spannmålsproduktionen, för både konventionell och ekologisk odling.

There are many organic products in Lantmännen's brands, for example oatmeal, bread, pasta, flour, drinks and beansLantmännen constantly develop new products making it easier to choose organic - both for the farmer cultivating the seed and for the consumer buying the product in the store. Look out for upcoming new organic products.

Read more about sustainable cultivation, organic products and Lantmännen's strategy for organic.

Some examples of our organic products

Kungsörnen organic wheat flour

GoGreen gluten free organic Ancient Grains Fusilli

Organic FinnCrisp

Axa organic muesli