This year's program divided into five challenges. During the period 14 September and 27 October, we welcomed everyone to submit their idea. Now we have closed the intake, but if you want to cooperate with Lantmännen, you can always contact us via our Collaboration Contact - form.

Challenge #1: Breathing new life into obsolete finished goods

How could we save products that have too short best before time left or have deviations in product features?

Obsolete finished products are born with good intention but end up living a life of lost value. There are a few different reasons for this, such as optimistic sales forecasts, or a shortage in the best-before-date. But it could also be due to a specific customer specification (like size or color) despite otherwise being completely safe and in good condition. Packaged, frozen or stored in room temperatures across the Lantmännen world, they’re just waiting for a second chance.

Do you have commercial ideas on how to find new opportunities for these finished goods? Or are you perhaps working with supply chain processes and have ideas on how to reduce the obsolete amounts? Then we want to hear from you! We welcome all ideas from everyone.



Challenge #2: Boosting circularity in bakeries

How could we turn the side streams and production waste from the bakeries into new, high value ingredients? Or could we find new innovative ways to minimize these streams?

Size, shape, color or toppings could determine the outcome for the baked goods in our bakeries. Regardless of whether it’s a non-baked dough or a ready baked product, side streams and production waste naturally occur throughout the entire baking process. Composed of carbohydrates, protein, fats and fibers, you’ll find these products all across our countries around the globe. They are safe ingredients to be reused for new applications in the food value chain.

Does this spark ideas on how to upcycle or minimize side these streams and production waste? Maybe you’re a production line operator, quality expert or start up with a unique perspective. Whoever you are, we welcome ideas from everyone.



Challenge #3: Upgrading residuals from the grain intake

How might we develop new applications to increase the value of residue from grain intake?

The harvest season sets tough requirements on residual handling. The time frame is short, and incoming volumes are high. In order to not bring the intake process to a halt, the residuals need to be sorted and collected right away. From weed seeds, straw bits, small kernels, to crushed kernels and small stones - all of it is cleaned, sorted away from the grain upon its arrival at the intake facilities, and then usually burned. Lantmännen has about 30 intake facilities equipped with grain cleaners across Sweden ready for your brilliant ideas.

Are you someone with ideas on how to upgrade the value of residuals rather than burning them? Maybe you’re a waste management expert or cutting-edge start-up with unique insights? All ideas are welcome!



Challenge #4: Advancing circularity in the future pea factory

How might we utilize the side streams from our future pea factory?

Meet our three main side streams in the future pea factory in need of new innovative applications and products:

1) a pea starch stream consisting of a high content of amylose 2) a pea cell wall fiber stream consisting of dietary fibers such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, and last but not lease, 3) a pea hull fiber stream consisting of high amounts of dietary fibers, mainly insoluble fibers.

Are you a start-up or researcher working with valorization? Do you have a fresh take on extracting high value components, or ideas on how to adapt ingredient functionalities in new and existing areas? We welcome ideas from everyone!



Challenge #5: All other grain value chain circularity ideas!

The previously listed four challenges are by no means exhaustive. There are certainly many, many, many more opportunities to increase circularity and reduce food waste. That’s why we have a fifth challenge that covers the entire Lantmännen grain value chain – and beyond.

So, do you have an idea that doesn’t fit into the previously mentioned topics? Are you someone looking at the value chain holistically? Maybe you’re a supplier or customer with a new perspective? Then this open challenge is for you.