Sign-up for Innovation Days this April now open - This is how Lantmännen colleagues can take part

Greenhouse 2022 is now up and running! We recently presented the theme and the mix of internal and external activities planned in the year ahead. Today we bring you the first invitation to join in - open to all colleagues across Lantmännen.

We met with Carin Ritter and Veronica Ehrström Eklöf to hear about the thoughts behind the new concept, and learn about exactly how colleagues at Lantmännen kan join.

The first activity of Greenhouse 2022 is the Agriculture Division’s Innovation Days taking place in April. During these days colleagues across all parts of Lantmännen are invited to participate by joining a 3-hour workshop, dedicated to connecting creativity and diverse experience in brainstorming and ideation around the theme of “SMART Farming”.

SMART Farming – This years theme

What is the goal of the Innovation Days?

Carin Ritter, Head of Strategy and Digital Business Development of the Agriculture Sector business shares what she hopes that the Innovation Days will bring:

“Our goal is to together identify new business opportunities and solutions that can contribute to increased productivity, profitability and sustainability on farm level”

Carin Ritter, Head of Strategy and Digital Business Development, Lantmännen Agriculture Sector

She continues:

“We have the broadest offer in the market, and we have amazing opportunities to make it even stronger by tapping into new data and digitalisation, and keeping a clear customer focus”

The idea of collaborating across department and sector borders something that also inspires and motivates Carin:

“We are really excited about bringing together experience and perspectives from different parts of the organisation during the Innovation days – it will be a great chance to connect and shape the future together!”


Here’s how you as a colleague can join the Innovation Days

Veronica Ehrström Eklöf, Project Manager at R&D Group Functions and responsible for the Innovation Days, explains more about the set up through 10 x Questions & Answers below:


Veronica Ehrström Eklöf, Project Manager at R&D Group Functions and responsible for the new Innovation Day concept.

1. Who can participate in the Innovation Days?
"ALL Lantmännen colleagues! It’s truly for everyone in Lantmännen who want to be a part of shaping new ideas and contributing to this year's exploration."

2. What does the Innovation Days set out to achieve?
"To have fun, to brainstorm on the theme of SMART Farming and to develop new ideas together! Beyond that, the ideas from the Innovation Days will also be compiled and presented to the Agriculture Division's management, and form a strategic starting point for further work to develop SMART Farming during the year."

3. Why should I get involved? 
"To take the chance to do something new! By joining in and contributing with your creativity, skills and experience you will be supporting the future of Lantmännen’s core business and core mission, making farming thrive."

4. How will the Innovations Day activity be structured?
How much of my time will participating take?

"The time commitment is joining a 3-hour workshop. The set-up of the workshop is to both individually, and in small teams, brainstorm to come up with new ideas around the SMART Farming theme. The workshop format will be digital, via Teams, so that as many people as possible are able to participate!" 

5. Do I need to do any preparatory work?
"No preparation is required, just come with curiosity to explore new ideas and meet new colleagues and connect to the workshop session using your laptop, to create the best possible conditions for interactivity!"

6. What workshop dates can I choose from?
"You can choose one the following session dates and times:" 

  • April 19, 9-12am CET (in Swedish)
  • April 27, 9-12am CET (in Swedish)
  • April 28, 9-12am CET (in English) 

7. How do I sign up? 
The invitation is open to everyone in Lantmännen, but you need to sign up so we can send you a calendar invitation. To sign up click on this link: day to sign up is March 31st.

8. When can I expect to receive a calendar invitation?
We will send invitations on a weekly basis, as we receive applications throughout March.

9. Will there be other opportunities to participate in Greenhouse activities this year, aside from the Innovation Days?
"Yes! A “classic” Greenhouse Accelerator is planned this autumn. The Accelerator is a more intensive format and consists of four fun days of workshops, plus six days of team work. In the end of the Accelerator, you get to present your idea at a “Dragons’ Den” with representatives from the management team of the Agriculture Division. Applications to be a part of the Accelerator will open mid-April."

10. Where will I be able to follow the Greenhouse updates and activities in the year ahead?
Check the Greenhouse blog every now and then, to catch the latest! 


More questions?

For questions about joining the Lantbruk Sectors’ Innovation Days,
please contact Veronica Ehrström Eklöf 

For questions about The Greenhouse programme, please contact Nina Tuomikangas 

For questions about this year’s theme, please contact Carin Ritter