Insight into project regarding drought and irrigation

In the project “Forages for Drought”, we are evaluating several forage species for drought tolerance and water use efficiency. The projects is led by Aakash Chawade, researcher at SLU, and Lantmännens’ own Senior plant breeder Linda Öhlund is part of the team.

The results are expected to identify material from Lantmännens’ forage breeding program better suited to the changing climate. By including drought-tolerant forage genotypes in the forage mixes along with well-known irrigation practices under drought, farmers would be able to obtain acceptable yields under drought.

In the project the team:

  • Have established a field trial on the island Öland in Southeast Sweden where droughts are frequent.
  • Will use conventional methods, soil moisture sensors and drones to monitor the trial. Drones equipped with RGB, multispectral and thermal cameras will be used.
  • Started studying drought tolerance of forages under controlled conditions by high-throughput phenotyping in collaboration with Kristiina Himanen at NaPPI- Finnish National Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure.
  • Will have meetings with farmers from Öland to learn how they are dealing with drought.

A highly current project with exciting collaboration partners with funding from Lantmännen Research Foundation! See more about the project in the video below.