Oats for your health

Oats have several unique health benefits. Scientific studies prove that oat contributes to a steady blood sugar level, improves cholesterol and keeps the stomach healthy. Lantmännen invest in a lot of research and development in order to take full advantage of the unique health benefits of oats.

The explanation to all the health benefits of oats lies mainly in the fibers. Oats have a high content of soluble fibers, beta-glucans, but also good protein and oils. Another key aspect is of course the taste – oats fit nicely on the breakfast table and makes the bread juicy.

Research and development

Conditions for growing oats are great in the Nordic region. Lantmännen have for a long time invested in research about oats in order to further refine and develop new foods. AXA Oat Flakes and SPC-flakes with medical benefits are two examples of results from the research. There are many exciting fields left to explore and we support and participate in several ongoing studies. For example, we want to find out why oats are more filling compared to other grains.

Pure oats for the gluten intolerant

With knowledge and control at every stage from field to fork, we can track our oatmeal all the way back to the field. This means our oats can be eaten by the gluten intolerant as well.

People who are gluten intolerant cannot eat wheat, rye or corn, but most of the time they can eat oats. Our label Pure oats* is used for our oats products and guarantees that the product is free from other grains. Our owners, the Swedish farmers, and our agriculture operations are able to meet these strict standards.

Pure oats are grown in fields where no other grains are planted, and receive special handling all the way from seed to finished goods. The oats are processed in our oat mill in Järna. To ensure that no other grains have been mixed in the product, samples are taken regularly – both of the oat flakes as well as of the finished product. This way the gluten intolerant can feel safe when eating our healthy oats too!

*The definition Pure oats means that a maximum of four grains from other cereals can be present per 15 000 oat kernels, or a maximum of 20 milligrams per kilogram of finished goods.

New successful oat types

Lantmännen has conducted successful plant breeding for a long time. With operations at all stages, we are able to test and evaluate new types of oats – from sowing to finished goods. Both in Sweden and internationally, demand for oats with high return and of high quality is increasing, for example oats with high levels of beta-glucans.

In the past couple of years, our long term development efforts have resulted in several premium types of oats that have been successfully launched in Sweden, Canada and Great Britain. In 2015, yet another type of oat (Nike) was launched in Sweden. Nike has had the greatest return of all types in Swedish testing six years in a row – a record!