Information concerning video surveillance

Information concerning video surveillance at Lantmännen´s office in Stockholm and Malmö. 

Introduction and contact information

Our office building in Stockholm and Malmö are equipped with video surveillance. Which office spaces that operate a video surveillance system can be identified by signs in connection to the premises. The purpose of this document is to provide you with more detailed information regarding our video surveillance

Lantmännen ek för (“Lantmännen”), org. no. 769605-2856, Sankt Göransgatan 160 A, 112 17 Stockholm, is responsible for the surveillance and acts as the data controller for recorded video footage. If you have any questions concerning our video surveillance, please contact us via e-mail:

Detailed description of the video surveillance

Through a fixed video surveillance system, we collect and process personal data such as video recording attributable to Lantmännen's staff, consultants, suppliers (employees) and other visitors to the premises.

The primary purpose of the video surveillance is to:

  • Ensure security and increase safety of our staff, consultants, suppliers (employees) and visitors;
  • Prevent, deter, and if necessary, investigate unauthorised physical access, disorderly conduct or crime at our premises in which case video material can be used as evidence;
  • Act quickly in case of accidents and facilitate evacuation for rescue and firefighting services, and;
  • Enable remote control for our entrances, goods receipt and loading areas.

Video surveillance images are maintained for a period of 21 days from the time of the recording or as long as it is deemed necessary to investigate and disclose crime and incidents.

Legal ground and disclosure of video footage

Lantmännen has a legitimate interest in protecting our properties and premises, which primarily has its background in creating greater safety and in counteracting crime and disorderly conduct. We also have a legitimate interest in enabling remote control of certain entrances, goods receipt and loading areas by using real-time video surveillance. Our conclusion is that Lantmännen's interests cannot be achieved by less privacy sensitive means and that our reasons as described above outweighs the individual's interest of not being recorded.

To minimise the risk of breaching personal privacy, we have implemented technical and organisational security measures to protect surveillance footage from unauthorised access, modification, distribution or destruction. We have also chosen to have a time limit for storage of video footage and guarantee that only a handful of people have access to the surveillance material. We also use real-time video surveillance systems, when it is not necessary to record the material and have routines in place for how such material should be handled and disclosed.

Beyond the limited group of employees at Lantmännen, persons being granted access to the video footage are the ones who supports us in the surveillance (e.g. security companies and IT suppliers who store surveillance footage). The police and other authorities may also access the footage in case we choose to proceed with an investigation or when we are obliged to do so by law.

Your rights

As video surveillance entails processing of personal data, you have certain rights under the data protection laws. For example, you have the right to a register extract showing which of your personal data is being processed and the right to have the data corrected or deleted. Under certain conditions you have the right to request a restriction in our processing of your personal data or object to our processing. You also have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority if you believe that we do not process your personal data in a lawful manner. In case you would like to claim or know more about your rights, please contact us via the contact details above.