Farmer-owned and governed

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative rooted in Swedish farming and owned by about 20,000 farmers. Active involvement and the ability of members to exert their influence through districts, membership meetings, the Council of Trustees, motions and written communication play a crucial role in safeguarding the strength and benefits of the cooperative form of enterprise.

Lantmännen’s corporate governance is exercised via the districts, the annual general meeting, the Board and several other forums, such as the council of trustees. As part of efforts to develop the district boards, there is an ongoing process aimed at clarifying the role and mission of the districts. New, modernized articles of association for Lantmännen were adopted at the 2015 AGM and the development of work plans for the district boards and council of trustees adapted to the new member organization is currently in progress. Various membership meetings and several council of trustees meetings have devoted time to dialogue on Lantmännen’s long-term direction – Strategy 2020.

Each member has one vote, and equal opportunity to influence the shareholder meetings and district meetings.

District activities

The districts are the basis of the members’ role as owners and an important link between the members and the businesses. Each district has a board that works both locally and on cross-cutting issues for Lantmännen. During fall, the Group Board arranged a road show out in the districts, where they met the boards to discuss Lantmännen’s development. The nomination committees had an important role in ensuring both continuity and renewal in connection with the new district division during the year. Elected members joined Lantmännen Lantbruk and Lantmännen Maskin at Borgeby Fältdagar, Brunnby Lantbrukardagar, Elmia and other events, which is a concrete way of showing the concerted strength of Lantmännen.

Council of Trustees

Lantmännen’s council of trustees is there to provide support for the Board in its management of the association and to work for the positive development of Lantmännen. The council’s fall meeting was hosted by Scandagra Baltikum with visits to Latvia and Lithuania. The purpose was to increase awareness, of the Lantmännen goal to become a leading player in the grain value chain in the Baltic Sea region.

Annual General Meeting

Lantmännen’s 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on May 4 in Stockholm. Two new members joined the Lantmännen Group Board at the meeting – Henrik Wahlberg from Övertorneå and Ove Gustafsson from Trollhättan. At the statutory Board meeting, Per Lindahl was elected as Chairman and Hans Wallemyr was elected Vice Chairman.